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Good News:Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Reduced high Creatinine Remarkably

2017-04-28 18:43

A patient comes from Mauritius and he is 65 years old. Since he got kidney disease three year ago,he has accepted several treatments in local hospitals. From the original report offering in the first hospital,we can clearly see the fact that the patient has a high creatinine level which shows at 252umol/L and his uric acid exceed the normal level with a high blood sugar. He has accepted treatments in the hospital for almost one year,but any indexes are unable to decrease into a lower level,even if the patient is eager to alleviate his illness as soon as possible. Consequently,the patients whose name is Joseph came to another hospital for further treatment. In the second hospital,Joseph’s illness is not better, on the contrary, his every index goes up. Very occasionally,Joseph begins to know Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine through the internet. He decided to go to China for further treatment.

The day when he arrived at our hospital,he looks so weak sitting on a wheelchair. We arrange a consultation of specialists on tomorrow quickly. After consulting about his illness,our experts begin to check his condition and find that his creatinine level is developing into 744umol/L. Given all these factors,doctors made a special treatment with less side effects for the patient with the purpose of enhancing Joseph’s kidney function. It includes Micro-Chinese Osmothetapy, Moxibustion ,Foot bath . After 15 days treatment, his urine volume is reduced,his appetite is increased,and his kidney function begin to regain,his creatinine is 633 umol/L. After one month,his disorder blood internal environment begin to regain. It is so exciting to see that he can live a better life.

Good News:Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Reduced high Creatinine Remarkably Good News:Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Reduced high Creatinine Remarkably

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