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Chinese Therapies Help Hypertension Nephropathy Patient Reduce High Creatinine

2017-04-28 18:41


Alharbi, a 46 years old woman, comes from Saudi Arabia, since she suffered from kidney disease with six years swelling two years ago, she attempted several methods repairing her impaired kidney. The first time when Alharbi had a appointment with a doctor of local hospital, she was diagnoses as hypertension nephropathy. Blood pressure was 130/80, creatinine level was 746 umol/L. The doctor suggested her to take some medicines conducing to alleviate illness situation temporarily. The progression continued countless times due to recurrent complications. She considered it is so tired and exhausted that she can not tolerate any more.

Very occasionally, she find Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the internet. Therefore,she came to China for the further treatment with a trail thought. The day when she arrived at our hospital, she looked so tired sitting in a wheelchair with her husband. We arranged a comfortable room for her and decided to have a experts consultation at two days later. After consulting her kidney disease, the experts made a special treatment plan for her. On one hand, as for everyday diet, she is supposed to have a low salt,low fat, low phosphorus, high ability low protein, abundant carbohydrate diet plan. On the other hand, our experts arranged a treatment which includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, foot bath for her. But before applying the treatment to repair damaged kidney function, we use Toxins-Removing Treatment to eliminate various toxins so as to offer a healthy internal environment for the further treatment. Two weeks ago, her urine volume begin to recover in a normal level,poisoning situation starts to relief increasingly.45 days past, her kidney function begin to recovery. Now her creatinine is 426 umol/L, blood pressure is at a normal level.

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