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Creatinine Is Reduced from 244 to 177 with Chinese Herbal Remedy

2018-05-10 11:45

Creatinine Is Reduced from 244 to 177 with Chinese Herbal RemedyMany diabetic nephropathy patients have been told that the creatinine level can not be lowered aside from dialysis or renal transplantation. But in fact, the patients can completely option effective measures to maintain their conditions and avoid dialysis. Here I will share a patient story of the diabetic nephropathy patient from Madagascar.

He was diagnosed with diabetes many years ago, however he did not control it very well. In recently years, his doctor told him that his renal function was lowered due to diabetes, and the medical certificate showed diabetic nephropathy. Since he only had light swelling in feet, he did take good care of himself. Later, his creatinine level went up due to overwork. His doctor said that he was close to dialysis if he could not stop the procession of the kidney impairment soon.

By chance, he saw the Chinese herbal remedy, by then, he decided to come to our hospital for recover his health.

According to his test reports and diagnosis result from Chines medicine, our doctor served Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aimed at promoting the renewal of renal function, Steaming Therapy for driving out of the poisons which should be excreted from body through kidneys completely, Foot Bath Therapy to eliminate the toxins and accelerate the blood circulation and other oral or external applications of Chinese herbs to harvest the better therapeutic effects safely. With the help of a sequence of Chines herbal remedies, the renal function will be improved gradually and the patients can live a high quality life.

A few days passed, his creatinine level is reduced to 177 umol/L from 244 umol/L and his haemoglobin is increased from 103 to 122. In the meanwhile, the edema is disappeared, the appetite is improved, and he can sleep better. Wishing him a speedy recovery

If you are seeking for nature managements to control high creatinine level or interested in Chinese herbal remedy, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.


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