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Some Misunderstandings About the Kidney Disease

2018-09-13 16:02

Though more people get kidney disease and they also have been confused for the reason and symptoms of kidney disease,as a kidney doctor i must share the knowledge about that with you as following:

Misunderstanding 1: Low back pain indicates kidney disease. Most of the causes of low back pain are orthopedic or peripheral soft tissue diseases, and generally patients with kidney disease have no symptoms of low back pain.

Misunderstanding 2: Kidney deficiency indicates kidney disease. Kidney deficiency is a concept of traditional Chinese medicine. To diagnose kidney disease, blood and urine tests are needed. If urine protein, hematuria, creatinine increase and glomerular filtration rate decrease, kidney disease can be diagnosed.

Misunderstanding 3: edema shows kidney disease. Clinical findings show that kidney disease has a relatively special edema area, such as swollen eyelids starting in the morning, but this is not absolute. Some kidney disease patients do not have swollen eyelids. Other diseases can also show edema, and a few idiopathic edema are functional.

Misunderstanding 4: Nephropathy is hard to find early, and it is too late when it is found out. In fact, although the incidence of kidney disease is not obvious, a routine urine test every year can detect the symptoms of the disease early, and then go to the nephrology department to see a doctor can stop the disease from the start. In addition, young and middle-aged people should also pay attention to blood pressure. Many young and middle-aged people’s stubborn hypertension originates from kidney disease.

Misunderstanding 5: Nephropathy cannot be cured. Through individualized treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, many patients with kidney disease can get clinical recovery and avoid going to kidney dialysis. The key is to make a reasonable diagnosis and treatment.

Misunderstanding 6: Renal biopsy is terrible. Pathological examination is the ” gold standard” for diagnosing kidney disease. Only when the diagnosis is clear can we work out the most suitable plan for the patient and really suit the remedy to the case. In a regular hospital, it is operated by experienced specialists and it is safe to do the biopsy. Most of the time, denying biopsy is denying the only chance of cure.

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