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Excessive Exercise May Cause the Acute Renal Failure

2018-09-14 09:12

Nowadays more and more kidney patients are suggested to do some physical exercise in the spare time,that is beneficial to their health,but they don’t know that reason of acute kidney failure caused by strenuous exercise.

Sudden excessive exercise can lead to skeletal muscle injury. Skeletal muscle damage causes cell walls to break, myoglobin in the cells flows into the blood and easily blocks renal tubules when discharged through renal metabolism. After the renal tubules are blocked, the waste in the kidney will not be discharged, which will cause acute renal failure.

Gradual exercise generally does not cause acute renal failure. Only strenuous exercise, coupled with not paying attention to water supplement during exercise, can easily lead to kidney injury and even acute renal failure. ..

Exercise should take no more than an hour in moderation

The majority of patients were white-collar women and students. These two groups of people are prone to ” surprise” exercises. For all sports, the general duration should preferably not exceed 1 hour, but the maximum intensity depends on the heart rate, preferably ( 220 – age ) × 75 %.People with weak constitution can be multiplied by 50 %, and people with good constitution can be multiplied by 80 %. Citizens who exercise in the gym can control their exercise through the heart rate devises. If you feel shortness of breath, profuse sweating, dizziness, disorientation and trance, you will soon reach the maximum intensity of exercise. At this point, you should slow down or take a little rest.

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