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What Are The Most Important Principle Of Gout Kidney

2018-09-16 09:46

To most gout patients they must pay more attention to the daily life ,that is very important to their health,then they must know what kind of dietary principles gout kidney should patients follow.

Establishing good eating habits and eating a large amount of meat in a meal is often the cause of acute attack of gouty arthritis, which should be quantified regularly, or more meals can be eaten less. Pay attention to cooking methods, use less pungent condiments, and discard soup after cooking meat can reduce purine content.

Increasing the water intake encourages patients to drink a large amount of water or eat foods with high water content to ensure that the daily liquid intake is over 2000 – 3000 ml. So as to increase the urine volume and facilitate the excretion of uric acid.

The urine of people who eat more vegetables and fruits is generally acidic. However, vegetables and fruits are mostly alkaline foods, which can increase the pH value of urine ( pH – 7.0 is neutral ). The ph > 7.0 is alkaline and the ph < 7.o is acidic ), which is beneficial to the dissolution of uric acid.

Choose low purine foods with reasonable dietary structure. Some scholars suggested that the daily purine intake should be below E100 – 150 mg, especially the intake of purine – rich foods should be restricted.

Avoiding alcohol intake from alcohol, strong tea and spicy food can inhibit gluconic acid production, increase blood lactic acid and ketone body concentrations, and lactic acid and ketone body can inhibit uric acid secretion from renal tubules.Therenal excretion of uric acid is reduced and gout is easily induced.

fluid intake should be sufficient body intake to increase uric acid dissolution, which is conducive to uric acid excretion and prevention of uric acid kidney stones. Therefore, the total daily liquid intake should reach more than 2,000 milliliters, and the best one with kidney stones should reach 3,000 milliliters. Plain boiled water, tea, mineral water, soda water and fruit juice are more advisable.

The epidemiological investigation of maintaining ideal body weight found that serum uric acid salt level was positively correlated with obesity degree, body surface area and body mass index.

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