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Some Important Reasons of HepatitisB Related To Nephritis

2018-09-19 11:27

What are the causes of hepatitis B – related nephritis? This is a problem that most hepatitis B – related nephritis patients are very concerned about. Once they suffer from hepatitis B, many kinds of diseases come to them one after another. Hepatitis B – related nephritis is one of the complications. Hepatitis B virus can directly enter the liver, causing serious damage to the liver.

1. Hepatitis B virus antigen-antibody complex is deposited on glomerulus to cause immune damage: This approach can cause disease in two forms of disease: ( 1 ) circulating immune complex: After hepatitis B virus infects the human body, it forms immune complexes with its serum antibodies in the blood circulation and deposits on glomerular capillary loops, activating complement to cause immune damage and cause disease. ( 2 ) In situ immune complex: The main reason is that the hepatitis B virus E antigen with smaller molecular weight passes through the basement membrane and combines with the hepatitis B virus E antibody implanted under the glomerulus to form an in situ immune complex. It is deposited under the skin of the glomerulus and causes disease.

2. The virus directly infects kidney cells: Researchers found HBV DNA in the kidney tissue of patients with hepatitis B virus-associated nephritis, fully demonstrating that hepatitis B virus may directly infect the kidney.

3. Autoantibodies and cellular immunity damage caused by hepatitis B virus infection: The damage of autoimmunity is closely related to the deficiency of immune regulation function. After infection with hepatitis B virus, the body can be stimulated to produce various autoantibodies such as: DNA antibodies, antibodies against cytoskeleton components, etc.; After hepatitis B virus infects the target cells, it will cause the damage of cytotoxic T cells to the target cells’ immunity and cause the body’s own immune response.

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