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Some Information About The Granular Cast In Kidney Patients

2018-09-27 09:53

To most proteinuria patients the granular cast is second only to transparent cast and is formed by the adhesion of the primary plasma of disintegrated epithelial cells, or after the aggregation of plasma protein (such as albumin) or immunoglobulin light chain in the transparent cast.All of them can form granular cast.

Granular cast mean the degeneration and necrosis of renal tubular epithelial cells in proteinuria, which are often found in various glomerular diseases and tubular toxic injury.Sometimes also can appear in normal person urine, especially after strenuous exercise, if often appears repeatedly, then is abnormal.

The granular cast are fragments of cells disintegrating from renal parenchymal lesions, and plasma proteins and other tangible substances are condensed on T-H proteins, and the total amount of granules is more than one third of the tubular type, which can be differentiated into coarse granular tubular and fine-grained tube-type, however,This classification has no diagnostic significance.At the beginning, most of them were fine grained cast, and after a long time of renal stagnation, coarse particles were broken into fine particles.

1, coarse granular cast, containing more coarse and dense granules in the protein matrix, broad and easy to break, absorbable pigment and yellowish brown, in chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, or some (drug poisoning) cause renal tubule injury.

2, fine granular cast, in the protein matrix contains more small and sparse particles, found in chronic nephritis or acute glomerulonephritis later.

Particle cast is usually more cigar shaped than transparent cast, and its refractive index is higher.Granular cast tend to mean chronic kidney disease in most cases, and, like transparent cast, they can also be seen in strenuous exercise.

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