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The Kidney Insufficient Patients Must Pay Attention To Diet

2018-09-27 10:17

Nowadays more and more people are easy to get disease,that can destroy their normal life and cause damage to their health.If something goes wrong with our kidneys, it will not only seriously degrade our quality of life, but also bring us various diseases.It may even threaten our lives.Then as a kidney doctor i want to suggest you some diet plan as following:

1, high salt food

Salt is an indispensable seasoning in our life. In ancient China, salt was firmly held in the hands of official forces. After the national struggle, reform and opening up, people’s life has become better, everyone can eat salt, and the amount of salt used by every family has greatly increased. Chinese people like salt. According to the latest survey, the amount of salt used per person per day in our country is as high as 10g, far exceeding the standard of healthy people. This habit will seriously damage the kidneys. Long – term intake of large amounts of salt will not only raise our blood pressure, but also bring a huge burden on our kidneys. If our kidneys can’t help us to discharge the metabolic wastes in the body well, they will have serious problems over time.

2. High protein food

Protein is a necessary nutrient for our human body. Proper consumption of protein will not only help us reduce fat absorption and prevent obesity, but will also be of great benefit to our internal organs. However, if we consume too much protein, our body will be in a state of overload for a long time, and our kidney function will decline if we are in this state for a long time. If one’s own kidney function is defective, this decline will strain the kidney and may lead to serious kidney diseases.

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