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Our Best Honor: 2013 Most People Rely on Specialized Subject Hospital

2014-01-09 06:00

Recently, one of the biggest website in Chins, held China health annual festival. This festival is a super festival which can be regarded as CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala in China, and the awards are appraised by all the net friends in Sina microblog.

In this festival, our kidney disease hospital received 3 awards, which are 2013 most people rely on specialized subject hospital, 2013 China's medical enterprise leaders, and 2013 China's annual gold doctor.

The three awards means a lot for our kidney disease hospital. They represent that our efforts in these years are admissive by all the people, and we are really admitted and believed by the kidney disease patients and other people.

In these years, our kidney disease hospital depends on our own technological edge, and we still insist of the characteristic service mode such as great service and concentric circles, we have made some great achievements. And we still provide the best treatments and best services to all the kidney disease patients, in our hospital, these kidney disease patients are just like at home, which will give them a good environment to remedy their kidney diseases.

The three awards means a greater responsibility to us, we will do our best to make more efforts for the treatments of kidney diseases. 2013 is gone, we will welcome with our most full of enthusiasm. We hope more and more kidney disease patients can get rid of their kidney diseases, and every patients can live a better and happier life in 2014.

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