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Birthday Celebration for Mohamed Saleh in Kidney Disease Hospital, China

2014-01-11 05:35

Birthday Celebration for Mohamed Saleh in Kidney Disease Hospital, ChinaRecently, we held a birthday celebration for Mohamed Saleh in our kidney disease hospital, China. In the celebration, little Saleh was very happy, and he ate the birthday cake with our doctors and nurses together. We are so happy with little Saleh, not only because his birthday, but also because his recovery from his kidney disease.

Little Saleh is a 8 years old little boy from Libya who was unfortunately diagnosed with congenital obstructive nephropathy, when he was only born two months. When he first came to our kidney disease hospital, we were so pitiful with this little boy. Because of his kidney disease, he was in a serious malnutrition, and his height was only 102 cm, and his weight is 15.1 kg.

When he came into our hospital, we first make some general tests for him and we held an expert consultation to make a systemic treatment project for him. And the systemic treatments include external Chinese herbs, medicated bath, foot bath and draining toxin by enema. Besides, we also ask him to take some medicines to supply enough nutrition for him.

Through a series treatments, little Saleh had great improvements on his kidney disease. His mental state is much better than before, and he often plays games with our doctors and nurses. His appetite and sleep quality also improved obviously, and his some serious symptoms like swelling has been disappeared. Now, little Saleh feels good, and his father is so happy that his son is better than before and can live a normal life like other children.

We are also happy that little Saleh is much better than before, an we hope that he will be happy everyday, and finally get rid of his kidney disease.

Here is a comparison table of the indicators that when little Saleh came to our hospital and after his treatments in our hoapital.

hemoglobin serum creatinine BUN PTH
Before Treatment 98g/L 447umol/L 39.6mmol/L 44PG/ml
After Treatment 111g/L 397umol/L 38.3mmol/L 148.7PG/ml


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