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Chinese Therapy for Glomerulonephritis

2014-03-15 01:36

Chinese Therapy for GlomerulonephritisName: Madi

Gender: Male

Age : 22 years old

Country: Kazakhstan

This is the second time that Madi came into our hospital, and we are all happy that his illness condition has been controlled well and he gets much better than before.

When Madi was 9 years old, he was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis which is caused by a cold. In the test, there was obvious protein in urine and urine occult blood, and the blood pressure has been elevated and Madi also had serious acidosis. He had treatment in their local country, but there is no obvious improvements on his condition.

In the following years, the illness condition of Madi got more and more serious, his kidney function had been reduced and the creatinine level reached 800. Then he started to have dialysis, and after three months dialysis, he had a kidney transplant. They all think that kidney transplant can help Madi get rid of the glomerulonephritis,however, after the kidney transplant for a year, the creatinine level and blood pressure had been increased again. Madi’s mother was so worried about his condition, because the creatinine level had been reached 1600 and the high blood pressure was 180/110 mmHg. They had treatment in their local country, but the doctor only control the high blood pressure and did no treatment on the high creatinine level. The illness condition od Madi became more and more serious.

In order to get further treatment, Madi and his mother came into our hospital. In our hospital, Madi received a systemic treatment which include regular dialysis, medicated bath, foot bath and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, and his illness condition had been improved effectively. Then he came back to his country. When he came back to his country, he didn’t follow the advices of our doctors and only do regular dialysis, so his kidney disease became worse again.

Madi the second time came into our hospital on January 19, 2014. When he came into our hospital, his creatinine level is 889, BUN level is 27.7. When we saw him again, he had a dark face, no spirit, poor appetite, and feel cold, and he had no urine as well.

Depending on his illness condition, our experts used Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, dialysis, medicated bath, Massage, etc, now, his poor appetite is improved and he looks better than before. We are so happy that Madi’s illness condition has been improved, and we hope he insists receiving the treatments and follow the advices of our doctors. We believe that he can be live a normal life like other people if he follows the suggestions of our doctors.

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