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What Medicines Should I Take For Foamy In Urine

2018-02-05 13:33

What Medicines Should I Take For Foamy In Urine“Hello, doctor. I have diabetes for ten years. And in recent days, I find out there are some foamy in my urine. What medicines should I take for foamy in urine?” If you have the similar problem, you can gain the free guidance from Online Doctor or explore the answer in the article.

Is the foamy in urine an indicator of diabetic kidney disease for diabetes patients?

No, simply foamy in urine can not confirm that there is a kidney problem. Actually, many conditions could lead to foamy urine, like sugar in urine, protein in urine, change of inorganic matters in urine and others. So that, the patients need to take a 24-hour urinary protein quantitative to see whether the foamy urine is caused by kidney damage. Besides, biopsy can be done to make sure the pathogeny of kidney disorder.

How to treat the foamy urine in diabetes?

Find out the aetiology and eliminate it. For an example, if the foamy urine represents protein in urine triggered by injured kidneys, the patients need to take some effective treatments involving Foot Bath, Steaming Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy or else herbal medicines to cleanse toxins, activate the blood and to tonify kidney. By this way, the immunity is adjusted, the blood stasis can be removed, the blood circulation is promoted, the poisons can be carried away, etc. Later, the strong kidney can work better to filter the blood, in which case the unwanted things will be excreted and the protein can be retained in the body. Meanwhile, the foamy urine will disappeared and not reoccur easily with inductive factors.

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