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How Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat Kidney Failure

2016-04-17 16:00

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat Kidney FailureHow can Stem cell therapy treat kidney failure? In the past, once kidney disease progressed into kidney failure, patients will be recommended to take dialysis or kidney transplant. In recent years, Stem Cell Therapy has appeared as the alternative therapy to dialysis and transplantation, it is a good choice for kidney failure patient.

Why Stem Cell Therapy can be a choice for kidney failure patient?

Renal Failure is the advanced stage of kidney disease in which kidneys are functioning at less than 15%. Most often, diseased kidneys may induce a series of symptoms and complications easily. In order to prolong patients’ life expectancy and improve their overall health condition, patients should take some therapies to cleanse their blood and manage their kidney-related complications.

This treatment depends on the application of stem cells which have multipotency. When cells are damaged, they will release damage factor. Therefore, stem cells will differentiate into corresponding cells in certain environment. As new cells replace damaged cells to work, it means stem cell therapy treats patients’ disease successfully.

How can Stem cell therapy treat kidney failure?

In recent years, stem cell therapy has been applied more and more widely to deal with kidney damage. Just like the above theory, stem cells also use their differentiating ability to repair damaged kidney cells and achieve the regeneration of impaired kidney cells. With the recovery of impaired kidney cells, patients’ kidney function increases gradually. From this point, kidney failure can be controlled very well.

Although stem cell treatment is helpful for patients with kidney failure, it doesn’t mean all patients can use this therapy. Besides, according to patients’ medical condition, doctors should determine the number and type of stem cells to treat patients’ kidney problem.

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