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Why Kidney Failure Patients Prefer to Choose Stem Cell Therapy Than Dialysis

2016-04-26 16:09

Why Kidney Failure Patients Prefer to Choose Stem Cell Therapy Than DialysisDialysis as the common treatment for kidney failure, it is familiar to most of the patient. However, some of the patient do not want to take it, they are prefer to take stem cell therapy, which is a new effective treatment for kidney failure. Then, why kidney failure patients prefer to choose stem cell therapy than dialysis?

Dialysis as one of the most common treatment for kidney failure it do can prolong the patient’s live and relieve some of the symptoms of kidney failure, but during the treatment it also will bring many side effects. What’s more, as a life-lasting treatment it will cost a large amount of money without improving any kidney function. That is to say, once the kidney disease patient choose to take dialysis, they have to take it for the rest of their life.

Compared to dialysis, stem cell therapy is more effective. It uses the original stem cells which belong to the patients’ own body. The mainly features of stem cells are self-replication and more differentiation. Put these cells into kidney will reproduce many daughter cells which is able to become a part of the kidney, thus to repair the damaged kidneys and improve the kidney function.

How can Stem Cell Therapy treat kidney failure?

In one sterile environment, a lot of stem cells are injected to patients' body. Then, they can go to damaged kidneys to differentiate into kidney inherent cells. For example, if glomerular epithelial cells are damaged, stem cells will differentiate into this kind of cells.

Once these new cells can play their work normally, it means kidney disease is treated fundamentally.

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