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What does a 5.7 Creatinine Level Mean for Chronic Nephritis Patient

2014-05-04 02:51

What does a 5.7 Creatinine Level Mean for Chronic Nephritis PatientWhat does a 5.7 creatinine level mean for Chronic Nephritis patient? Many patients have consulted us about this question. To help individuals who have similar doubt, we provide analysis as below. Read on to know more. For personalized suggestion, you can chat with our online doctor now for free advice.

Generally speaking, Chronic Nephritis and 5.7 creatinine level patient has developed into advanced stage of kidney disease. Although this condition is quite severe, there are a growing number of effective treatment options to ensure patient normal, long life.

Currently, available effective treatments for 5.7 creatinine level for Chronic Nephritis may include as below:

* Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. As one of the most effective treatments for renal disease, Osmotherapy is now getting more and more popular among kidney patients throughout the world. Herbal medicine is externally applied, so it is both safe and convenient. (Click Here to watch the video introduction) 

* Blood Pollution Therapy. It is the most advanced treatment option for kidney disease. As a systematic option, it combines blood purification techniques with traditional Chinese medicine remedies. Through cleaning the blood and repair the damaged renal inherent cells, kidneys can work better and better. High creatinine level will be lowered naturally.

* TCM therapies. A series of TCM remedies has been developed to treat Chronic Nephritis effectively. These options may include cycle therapy, enema, moxibustion, hot compress therapy, full bath therapy, foot bath, and herbal medicine.

What is the best natural treatment for your 5.7 creatinine level with Chronic Nephritis? You can talk with your doctor for the most suitable option. Or, leave a message in the below to get free help from our kidney experts team. Keep well!

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