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Nephritis and 5.0 Creatinine Level: Should I Take Dialysis

2014-05-25 09:00

Nephritis and 5.0 Creatinine Level: Should I Take DialysisWith diagnosis of Nephritis and 5.0 creatinine level, patients may wonder whether they should take dialysis or not. In this article, let’s discuss this issue and find the answer. Prefer to talking directly? Chat with our online doctor for free and professional advice.

How severe is Nephritis and 5.0 creatinine level?

As we all know, the normal range of serum creatinine is around 0.5-1.2. Often, an elevated level indicates that about 50% or more of kidney function has been lost.

So, with diagnosis of creatinine 5.0, patients have developed into advanced stage of renal disease with severe decrease of renal function. If not treated in time, the disease will progress to end-stage renal disease (ESRD) gradually. If that happens, dialysis becomes necessary to sustain life.

Should patients take dialysis with Nephritis and 5.0 creatinine level?

Actually, it is too early for patients to start dialysis. Moreover, by taking effective treatment in time, they can avoid the therapy and enjoy a fully, normal life with their own kidneys.

In response to patients’ inquiry regarding to alternative treatments, we would like to give a general introduction as below.

After more than twenty years’ expertise in treating various kidney disease, kidney experts in China have developed holistic approach known as Top Seven TCM Therapies which includes hot compress therapy, cycle therapy, full bath therapy, enema, foot bath, moxibustion, and oral herb medicine. Depending on patient’s unique disease condition, doctors can work out the best treatment plan. To learn more detailed introduction, please check Here

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