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The Clasification of Kidney Disease and How To Avoid Uremia

Ninety percent of patients will say that they are afraid of bad treatment and their condition will worsen and deteriorate to uremia. Not only in the renal failure of the kidney patients so say but also to people who have just discovered chr...Read More

What Are the Clinical Symptoms And Manifestations of Glomerulonephritis?

Glomerulonephritis is more common in life, glomerular glomerulonephritis is usually diffuse glomerular lesions, mainly to endothelial cell and mesangial cell proliferation, acute phase may be associated with neutrophils and mononuclear cell...Read More

Massive Protein In Urine for Nephritis Is It Difficult to Cure

Massive protein in urine would lead to more kidney damage including irreversible injury. However, some patients do not insist the treatments due to many reasons, and finally get into the uremia stage. While, is it difficult to cure massive...Read More

Chronic Nephritis and Large Proteinuria 8g Is It Rock-Ribbed

Nephritis divides into two stage, that is chronic nephritis and acute nephritis. By comparison, acute nephritis can be cured with antibiotics or other drugs, moreover it can become chronic nephritis. Unfortunately, it is very hard to dispel...Read More

Are There Any Medicines Reversing Foamy Urine for Chronic Nephritis

Generally speaking, foamy urine appears frequently for chronic nephritis. While, are there any medicines reversing foamy urine for chronic nephritis? For chronic nephritis patients, foamy occurs in urine usually means protein leakage into u...Read More

Is There Any Expectation of Getting Rid Of Hematuria in Nephritis

Is there any expectation of getting rid of hematuria in nephritis? He stated that I have blood in urine for more than five years. I had tried so many means, but they do not work. If you have the similar query as him, please contact the Onli...Read More

How to Dispel the Relapse of Proteinuria in Chronic Nephritis

It is easy for proteinuria to come out over and over again in the situation of chronic nephritis. With long time proteinuria, the renal function will be less and less, and then, the patients will gradually go into the dialysis stage. So, ho...Read More

How to Dispel Edema in People with Chronic Nephritis

Chronic nephritis refers to there are inflammations in the kidneys, in which case, the kidney can not work well to achieve its function. Thereby, the patients will have edema as more and more excessive water are gathered in the body. Later,...Read More

Would Chronic Nephritis Cause Intractable Hematuria

For chronic nephritis, once intractable hematuria appears, they will have some troubles in daily life. Later, they are eager to know what induces intractable hematuria? Would chronic nephritis cause intractable hematuria? How to cure intrac...Read More

How to Deal with Blood Urine in Chronic Nephritis Patients

Chronic nephritis is a kind of inflammatory disease in which the renal cells and tissues are injured bit by bit. And then, blood urine will come out as the kidney can not reserve the hemoglobin in the body. So, how to deal with blood in uri...Read More