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What Are the Clinical Symptoms And Manifestations of Glomerulonephritis?

2018-06-29 09:38

Glomerulonephritis is more common in life, glomerular glomerulonephritis is usually diffuse glomerular lesions, mainly to endothelial cell and mesangial cell proliferation, acute phase may be associated with neutrophils and mononuclear cell infiltration. What are the clinical symptoms and manifestations of glomerulonephritis? What are the clinical symptoms and manifestations of glomerulonephritis?

1. Glomerulonephritis causes edema: Glomerular filtration rate decreased, resulting in water, sodium retention; The loss of protein from the urine causes a decrease in plasma colloid osmotic pressure, leading to water retention; Increased secretion of renin, resulting in increased secretion of secondary aldosterone, renal tubular sodium, water reabsorption and other factors, is the cause of renal edema. In light cases, only body weight increases (occult edema). In severe cases, the body can be swollen, even in the abdomen (chest) cavity.

2. Glomerulonephritis causes proteinuria: In nephritis, the permeability of the glomerular capillary wall increases, and plasma albumin is filtered by the basement membrane to produce proteinuria, so the most important feature of glomerulonephritis is proteinuria.

3, glomerulonephritis lead to cast urine: The cast is formed by coagulation and precipitation of urine protein, so in nephritis, there should be a cast in the urine. It should be noted that only proteins but no casts in urine do not reflect glomerular lesions. Conversely, only the cast and no protein do not suggest glomerular lesions. Only in the urine when there are both proteins and casts, glomerular lesions are suggested.

According to these symptoms of glomerulonephritis we can know well about our own kidney condition, and then the key point is to accept the reasonable treatment in time. Commonly the patients will take some medicines to relieve the symptoms and can get some improvement at first , but once stop the medicines the discomforts will appear again and the damage of kidney doesn’t restore at all. Why does this happen to patients? The main reason is that the medicines can only eliminate the inflammation symptoms and relieve the manifestations ,but can not repair the damaged kidney cells and improve the kidney function. Then the patients have taken the medicines for a long time but the kidney condition has never changed to the better situation at all, even the local doctors can not give them the clear conclusion about their kidney condition, only tell them take medicines and do test from time to time. So most of kidney patients are despair to their disease and have to find another alternative treatment except the western therapy.

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