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If Creatinine Level is 9.8 with Nephritis What should I Do

2014-06-07 06:59

If Creatinine Level is 9.8 with Nephritis What should I DoHello, I am just looking for information. My creatinine level is 9.8 with Nephritis. What should I do? Please help!” After receiving this inquiry, we provide analysis as below. If you have similar doubt, read on to learn more useful information. Or, consult our online doctor for free advice.

Hi, Sir, thanks for your consulting us. As you said, you are suffering from creatinine level is 9.8 with Nephritis. Your current condition is quite severe. Prompt treatment should be taken as soon as possible. Otherwise, the disease will be fatal.

In order to offer you the best treatment plan, we firstly would like to know your detailed disease condition including your age, gender, present kidney function, opted treatment, and general health condition. You can Email us at with the details. After making a comprehensive analysis, we will reply you soon within 24 hours.

Currently, a systematic treatment has been developed to manage renal failure effectively. The option is called Blood Pollution Therapy. By timely taking this therapy, your kidney function will get greatly improved and high creatinine level can be brought down over time. Then, dialysis or kidney transplant can be avoided.

Blood Pollution Therapy is a kind of natural treatment with aims at clearing up harmful toxins and wastes out of the body, supplementing essential elements to the blood, repairing the damaged kidneys, and significantly promoting the renal function. If you are interested to learn the detailed introduction about this treatment, please click Here

If you still have anything unclear about treating your creatinine level is 9.8 with Nephritis, leave your doubt in the following message board. We will reply you promptly! Thanks for your time!

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