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Herbal Treatment for Chronic Nephritis

2013-11-04 09:26

What is the herbal treatment for Chronic Nephritis? Chronic Nephritis is a kind of kidney problem in which kidney tissues are injured due to inflammation in kidney. As inflammation is the direct and real cause of kidney damages, Chronic Nephritis patients are always prescribed with immunosuppressive agents to block inflammation. This is helpful, but long-term usage of these medications will impair patients’ immune system and cause lots of other health problems. Therefore, many patients put their hope on Chinese medicine and hope to find an effective and natural treatment to cure their problem.

To be honest, Chronic Nephritis can not be cured at all, but with herbal treatment, impaired kidney function can be restored partially. More importantly, no side effects are caused during and after the treatment. In medicine, many herbs can be used to treat Chronic Nephritis like Linseed and Parsley. They are beneficial for being of great assistance in Chronic Nephritis, but please consult doctors about the proper usage and side effects in advance as improper usage of them will cause unnecessary side effects or further health problems.

There are many herbs that can be used to treat Chronic Nephritis, but today Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is emphatically recommended. It is a herbal treatment and works through several herbs that are used externally. These herbs are helpful for treating Chronic Nephritis and by combing them delicately, treatment effects of them can be improved greatly. Besides, as these herbs are used externally and they work on damaged kidney directly, so no side effects are caused.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy shows great effects in treating Chronic Nephritis owing to its functions of expanding blood vessels, blocking inflammation and preventing coagulation and degradation. For Chronic Nephritis patients, with the help of this herbal treatment, not only all the symptoms can be alleviated successfully, but also impaired kidney function is improved effectively, which is the basic for patients to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant.

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