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What is Treatment to Chronic Nephritis

2017-05-31 10:18

What are Treatments to Chronic NephritisFor Chronic nephritis patients, they may suffer from hypertension, blood in urine, protein in urine, swelling and other discomforts. And then, what are treatments to chronic nephritis?

Chronic Nephritis is a kind of glomerulus disease. As we all know, the glomerulus is the main place in the kidney to filter the blood. And thus, the unwanted will be eliminated and the useful materials will be protected from losing. When it is injured, some redundant and harmful things will be retained in the body and it can not prevent the macromolecular substances such as protein and red cells from leaking. So that, the patients will have series of symptoms.

While, how to treat chronic nephritis?

The major cause of chronic nephritis is the infection. As many protein especially the immune protein leave out of the body, the patients will be easy to get ill with infection as a result of the weaker immune system. Also, almost all the drugs to cure the infection have the different degree of the Nephrotoxicity which is bad for the kidney. Moreover, if the chronic nephritis come out again and again soon, the patients are in the risk of getting kidney failure. Therefore, we should clean up the inflammations of the kidney and protect the kidney from further damage.

What treatment can finish the goal?

Toxin-Removing Therapy which is born of the traditional Chinese Medicine theory is aimed to drive out the all baleful things hidden in the body. Hence, the inflammation, immune complexes, virus and others will be excluded. According to the clinical records, it has a great effects on reducing the swelling, protein in urine and blood in urine. In the meanwhile, it can protect the kidney and offer a healthy surrounding for the effective treatment to repair the kidney.

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