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How to Alleviate Swelling for Chronic Nephritis Patients

2017-06-06 10:27

How to Alleviate Swelling for Chronic Nephritis PatientsSwelling is a common symptom of chronic nephritis. According to the clinical reports, the swelling which can be an index of the development of the chronic nephritis will lead to the difficulty breath, stomachache, difficulty walking and other discomforts. While, how to alleviate swelling for chronic nephritis patients?

When the tissues of the kidney are injured by the virus, acute nephritis, poisons and others, the renal function will have the different degree of damage. It is called chronic nephritis. As the damaged kidney can not eliminated the excess water from body totally, the fluid will be retained in the cell spaces, which causes swelling. Therefore, we can dispel the swelling by ejecting the liquid.

Hormonotherapy is widely used in many countries to treat the chronic nephritis patients with swelling. Besides, for the serious patients, the dialysis will be suggested to the patients. But, these treatments have too much disadvantages. Moreover, only if the kidney is not begin to work well again, the swelling will occur repeatedly. And then, is there any other treatment to swelling for chronic nephritis patients?

Toxin-Removing Therapy.

It will help the patients to drive out all the unwanted things including the redundant substances, toxins and wastes by sweat gland, skin, urine and other ways with fewer side effects. It has a great effect on reduce the swelling. In the meanwhile, it can protect the kidney from further injury and create a cleaned and salutary setting for the kidney to renew.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is usually applied in combination with Toxin-Removing Therapy will help the patients dilate the blood vessels, dissolve the blood stasis, promote the blood circulation and repair the damaged renal cells and tissues. It is a better choice for the chronic nephritis patients to alleviate the symptoms and to live a high quality life as it has no obvious adverse reaction to treat the patients.

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