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How to Remedy Proteinuria for Chronic Nephritis Patients

2017-06-09 14:33

Hello, doctor. I am a chronic nephritis patient. I am suffering from serious proteinuria. Can you help me? Please advise.

Are you have the similar problem with the chronic nephritis patient? Do you also want to accept an effective treatment to proteinuria? Do you clearly know what the chronic nephritis means? Here the article will help you to find out the answers.

When the inflammations in the kidney can not be cured completely, the renal function will be lowered to different degrees, the chronic nephritis appears. Usually, the chronic nephritis patients will be ill with swelling, proteinuria, hypertension and blood in urine. Generally speaking, many chronic nephritis patients will have trouble with the refractory proteinuria, which may disturb the patients’ life a lot. So that, how to remedy proteinuria for chronic nephritis patients?

Toxin-Removing Therapy is aimed at driving out all the poisonous depositions. And, it is able to help the patients clean up the inflammations in the kidney, the harmful immune complexes, the unnecessary complements, etc. According to the clinical studies, it has a great effect on remit the proteinuria, of which the curative rate can be 96%. Therefore, it is a good choose for chronic nephritis patients to get rid of the refractory proteinuria.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is used in combination with Toxin-Removing Therapy will help the patients repair the damaged but not necrotic renal cells and tissues. During the treatment, the unique herbs will be selected up in the term of the patients’ correct illness situations, and later, the herbs powder milled from the herbs will be collected into two medical bags. After that, the active substances of the medical bags will enter the body and get into the kidney through the patients’ Shenshu area to extend the blood vessels, dispel the blood stasis and accelerate the blood circulation. When the kidney is recovered, the proteinuria will disappear, and the patient will turn back to the normal life.

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