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Hot Compress Therapy for Chronic Nephritis Patients

2014-02-09 06:28

Hot Compress Therapy for Chronic Nephritis PatientsIs hot compress therapy helpful for chronic nephritis patients? Chronic nephritis, which is also called chronic glomerulonephritis, is a kind of kidney disease which is caused by various factors. Patients with chronic nephritis may suffer some symptoms such as proteinuria, blood urine, high blood pressure and swelling, which will cause further damage for kidneys. Therefore, patients need to have prompt and effective treatment to control their symptoms and repair the damaged glomeruli.

Here we recommend hot compress therapy, which is a featured Chinese therapy, to treat chronic nephritis. Hot compress therapy is a Chinese therapy used to treat various kinds of kidney disease, which has been treated more than 64 countries of kidney disease patients successfully.

Hot compress therapy uses traditional Chinese herbal medicines, and the herbs through superfine grinding, then combine with the modern technology. For different kinds of kidney diseases, we will choose the proper herbal medicines to treat their kidney diseases. And hot compress therapy is through external hot compress on shenshu acupoints, which can make the medicines work on kidneys directly.

Hot compress therapy can help chronic nephritis patients to remedy their kidney disease, which will make effective improvements to patients. In general, hot compress therapy can make functions on chronic nephritis patients through these aspects.

1. Reduce the high blood pressure

The herbal medicines in hot compressure therapy can help chronic nephritis patients to expand their blood vessels, which can help reduce high blood pressure. As we know high blood pressure is a common symptom for kidney disease patients, in turn, it will also damage the kidneys. So the well controlled blood pressure will be helpful for patients.

2. Control the symptoms

Since chronic nephritis patients may have symptoms of proteinuria, blood urine and swelling, hot compressure therapy can help relieve these symptoms and help protect the residual kidney function.

3. Help prevent infections and inflammations

Hot compress therapy can also help patients to improve their immune system, which can help prevent infections and inflammations. Since infections and inflammations will cause severe damage to kidneys, so hot compress therapy will help them protect the kidneys.

4. Repair the damaged kidney tissues

Some herbal medicines in hot compress therapy can also help patients to repair their damaged glomeruli and improve the kidney function. In this process, the symptoms and other complications can also be relieved as well.

Sine hot compress therapy has so many benefits for chronic nephritis patients, so they can try this therapy to remedy their kidney disease and improve their kidney functions.

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