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How to Reduce the Pain Caused by Kidney Infections

2013-12-29 22:56

How to Reduce the Pain Caused by Kidney InfectionsHow to reduce the pain caused by kidney infections? Pain is a common symptoms for chronic nephritis which is caused by kidney infections.

In western countries, when patients have chronic nephritis, they are often recommended to use antibiotics to remit their symptoms such as the inflammations, pain and proteinuria. As we know, these antibiotics will have amazing effects on patients’ illness, and their symptoms will be remitted effectively. However, western medicines often have some bad effects on patients, such as nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. These are some common symptoms, besides, antibiotics can also cause some other bad effects such as moon face, buffalo hump and some other serious symptoms. Once the medicine dosage is reduced or the medicines stop to take, patients will get pain again.

Here we recommend some other therapies which can help chronic nephritis patients to reduce the pain caused by kidney infections. As we know, kidney infections will cause the kidney damage, and patients will suffer from some serious symptoms such as pain, proteinuria, blood urine and high blood pressure. So in order to reduce the pain, we recommend patients to try Chinese therapies, which can help patients to reduce their pain fundamentally and repair the kidney damage.

In order to repair the kidney damage, we should first remedy the inflammations in kidneys. We recommend Chinese medicine, which can help improve the immune system and prevent the infections. There are also some Chinese medicines have the function of preventing the inflammations in kidneys. Only the inflammation is controlled, the further damage of kidneys will be prevented.

After the inflammation is controlled, patients should have treatment on repairing the kidney damage. With a systemic Chinese therapy treatment, the kidney function will be improved, the symptoms of pain, proteinuria and swelling will disappear.

When one have got a disease, he/she should find the basic cause of their damage, then they can have effective treatments to remedy their diseases. For chronic nephritis patients, they should reduce their pain from treating their kidney infection, then the pain can be reduced effectively.

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