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What Are The Reasons Of High Creatinine Level

2018-08-27 14:45

When you have a routine blood test and get the high creatinine level result ,you are always told that there may be something wrong with your kidney ,but you are confused why your creatinine level rises so high,as a kidney doctor i should tell you what is the reason for the high creatinine.

Many people found that they had a high creatinine level during the examination. Why did this happen? Many people paid more attention to it. let’s look at the reason for the high creatinine level.

Generally speaking, the normal standard of serum creatinine is: 44 – 133u mol / L, when the serum creatinine exceeds 133u mol / L, it means that the kidney is damaged and has renal insufficiency and renal failure. ( above 133 μ m ol / L is the stage of inflammation injury, 186 μ m ol / L is the stage of renal function injury, 451 μ m ol / L is the stage of renal failure ).

The causes of high creatinine is as follows:

1, the original kidney insufficiency, such as combined infection, including cold, pneumonia, intestinal infection, urinary tract infection, etc., can cause creatinine rise in the short term.

2. loss of water in the body, such as fever, excessive sweat, reduced drinking water, blood concentration during polyuria, reduced renal blood flow, can cause increased serum creatinine.

Through the above contents, we have probably learned about the high creatinine. for this kind of situation, patients must find out the reason in a regular hospital so as to carry out targeted treatment.

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