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Top 4 Unhealthy Lifestyles that May Damage Your Kidneys

2013-12-19 09:56

Top 4 Unhealthy Lifestyles that May Damage Your KidneysAs we know, kidney disease is a common disease all over the world, and it is known as difficult to be cured. So we should prevent kidney disease from our daily life, because early prevention and treatment will helpful for patients who may have kidney disease. Here are top 4 unhealthy lifestyles may damage your kidneys and cause kidney disease.

As we know, unhealthy lifestyle will make bad effects on people’s health. If people don’t keep a healthy lifestyle, they may have slight or serious diseases, and kidney disease is a common one. So people should pay more attention to their daily life.

Top 4 unhealthy lifestyles that may damage your kidneys

1. Long-term use of painkillers

Some people often use painkillers to relieve their pain like headache, back pain, the pain after a surgery, etc. However, the long-term use of painkillers may damage the kidneys. Because the painkillers can damage and reduce the blood flow into kidneys, which will damage the kidney tissues and structures. Among the new cases of chronic kidney disease patients, there about 1%-3% patients who caused by long-term use of painkillers.

2. Smoking cigarettes

We all know that smoking is harmful for people which may hurt the lungs and hearts, but do you know smoking cigarettes may cause kidney disease? Recently, studies show that people who smoke cigarettes may have protein in their urine, and protein is a common and important sign of kidney disease. And for smoking people who have high blood pressure or diabetes have a higher risk of catching kidney disease, as both hypertension and diabetes are the two leading causes of kidney disease.

3. Taking too much sugar in the daily life

If people who like to take sugar in their daily life, they may have kidney disease. Because long-term intake of sugar may cause diabetes and obesity, which are the risk factors of kidney diseases. So people should pay attention to what they eat, and keep their sugar intake in proper amount.

4. Taking too much high-sodium foods

People who take too much high-sodium foods may also cause kidney disease. As we know, kidney disease patients often recommend to keep low-salt diet, and limit high-sodium foods. Because large quantities of sodium can increase high blood pressure, which will lead to kidney damage and cause kidney disease. So people should keep a healthy lifestyle and keep a low-salt diet.

Above are the top 4 unhealthy lifestyles that may cause kidney disease, so people should change their unhealthy lifestyle and keep a healthy one. Healthy lifestyle will improve the life quality pf people and make them far away from diseases.

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