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Is Sourdough Bread A Good Choice for Kidney Disease Patients

2014-10-28 13:38

Is Sourdough Bread A Good Choice for Kidney Disease PatientsIs sourdough bread a good choice for kidney patient ? For this question, the answer is yes, actually, it is a kind of kidney-friendly food. There are many foods just like it, all of them are the best choice for people who are worried about kidney disease diet. Hoping the following contents can help you in some aspect.

Sourdough bread as a kind of baking food seems not suit CKD patient, but the fact is it is a good choice for kidney disease patient. Although some baking foods may contain high amounts of phosphorus, potassium or sodium, which may be limited for people with kidney disease. But there are some bakery foods are kidney-friendly, and sourdough bread is one of them, other foods include sugar cookies, Shortbread cookies,Vanilla wafers, Vanilla cake, Angel food cake, Lemon cake, Apple pie, Blueberry pie, Peach pie, Yeast breads made with white flour (white, sourdough, French and Italian breads, cinnamon rolls) and Bagels. So you can choose some of them to eat, but the better way is to make it in your own home, so that you can change the ingredients in it according to your need. At the same time you should avoid those food, they are chocolate or cocoa (chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, etc.), nuts, baked foods containing banana (banana nut bread, etc.), baked foods containing large amounts of milk or condensed milk, baked foods containing peanut butter (peanut butter cookies, chocolate peanut butter cake, etc.)

If you are the people with kidney disease you need to control your intake of sodium, phosphorus, potassium and sometimes calcium.

Now you know that sourdough bread is a good choice for kidney disease patient, if you still want to know whether something is good or not to you, you can contact our online doctor or leave messages to us, we will try our best to help you.

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