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Can Kidney Disease Patients Take Chapati

2014-10-29 13:31

Can Kidney Disease Patients Take ChapatiCan kidney disease patients take Chapati ? Chapati is a common staple in many Asian country, especially in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, the raw material is wheat, so it is safe to eat it. But as a kidney disease, you should pay special attention to the foods you eat. I hope the following content can help you in managing your diet.

Because different stage have different symptoms, so patient should make diet plan according to their own condition. For people who are in the early stage but with obvious swelling in the body, they should control the intake of salt and fluid, both of them will aggravate swelling. For people with large amount of protein leakage, they should control the intake of foods with high protein, but in order to supply enough nutritions to the body, they should choose some high-quality food to eat. For people who are in the advanced stage have no urine or have little urine output, they should pay closely attention to the potassium they take, that can help to avoid hyperpotassemia, which is a life threatening disease.

The above are the most common symptoms, if you have other symptoms, you can consult your nutritionist or our online doctor, both of them can help you to make a fit diet. You know that a fit diet can increase the curative effect, but a bad diet may decrease the curative effect, so do pay high attention to it.

Except diet, you also should get a proper treatment, which is the key point to cure kidney disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help you to control the disease, even reverse it, for more informations about it, you can leave messages to us, we will supply free advice as soon as possible.

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