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CKD With GFR 61 Should I Drink 8 Glass of Water

2014-10-30 17:37

CKD With GFR 61 Should I Drink 8 Glass of WaterAs a Chronic Kidney Disease patient With GFR 61 should i drink 8 glass of water ? Usually, for people with GFR 61, they should control water intake, especially for people with swelling, that can help to ease the burden of the kidney.

It is known that keeping balance of fluid in the body is one of the main functions of the kidney, for patient with GFR 63, the kidneys can not work sufficiently, so it becomes less able to keep the fluid level balanced. So, those excess water in the body will accumulate in the body, which may causes high blood pressure and may eventually contribute to heart disease. If the water content of the body reaches very high levels, that may cause the body to swell - starting at the ankles, due to gravity - and spreading up the body. If left untreated, the excess fluid will settle in the lungs, causing a life-threatening condition called pulmonary oedema.

How much water should I drink ?

The daily fluid recommendation for each patient is different one by one. Generally speaking, the more urine a patient produces, the more fluid they can drink. So do drink a certain of water according to your own condition. The better way is to ask your doctor, they will give the best advice to you.

So for people with GFR 61, you need not to drink a full eight glasses of water every day but no as a patient with kidney disease, especially with the End Stage Renal Disease, you should control the water intake strictly.

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