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Why Kidney Disease Patient with High Creatinine Level Need Less Protein

2015-02-22 08:24

Why Kidney Disease Patient with High Creatinine Level Need Less ProteinChronic Kidney Disease is a long term of kidney damage, patients need a healthy lifestyle to delay the progression of this disease. For kidney disease patient with high creatinine level, the most essential diet rule is the less protein intake.

One of the common symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease is the protein urine which not only signs the kidney damage, but also cause further kidney damage. In addition, with the lose of protein, Chronic Kidney Disease patients often are accompanied with the edema, poor immunity and other body disorders. Controlling the protein intake can decrease the kidney metabolism burden and delaying the development of their disease. But insufficient protein can heavier the hypoproteinemia, so patients really need take proper high quality protein such like fish, lean meats, egg white and so on, which can support the necessary amino acid to human body and would not cause kidney metabolism burden.

So Chronic Kidney Disease patients need less but high quality protein intake. Except the protein should be limited, some substances also should be decreased, such as:

1. Low salt intake: Chronic Kidney Disease patients who take too much salt are suffer high risks of being attacked by high blood pressure and edema due to the water and sodium retention.

2. Low fat intake: the essence of Chronic Kidney Disease is the angiosclerosis, however the high fat intake can accumulate the blood vessel harden.

3. Low potassium intake: too much potassium in blood are easy lead to heart disease.

4. Low phosphorus intake: high phrosphorus in blood can influence the absorption of calcium and stimulate the parathyroid hormone secretion, leading to many symptoms such as skin itching, bone disease and so on.

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