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Dialysis Patient with GFR 11 What Amount of Liquid should I Drink

2015-04-30 16:35

Dialysis Patient with GFR 11 What Amount of Liquid should I DrinkDialysis patient with GFR 11 what amount of liquid should i drink ? Actually, most of the people who are taking dialysis want to know the answers, they are bothered by this question. Experts pointed out that, for people with normal urine they can drink as much as water a normal person. But for people with abnormal urination they should take water according to the volume of their urination.

Why people who are taking dialysis should control the intake of water ?

During Renal Failure, the amount of urine produced drops. The urine output usually completely stops once patients have been on dialysis for more than 6 months. Taking too much water causes swelling over the body, increases blood pressure and would make the heart work harder resulting in heart failure. Too much water intake can make lungs difficult for the patient to breathe.

What amount of liquid should dialysis patient with GFR 11 drink for each day ?

Water restriction may vary from each individual patient on dialysis. The recommended daily amount of water intake is based on the amount of urine produced in a 24-hour period, amount of fluid retention as obvious from the swelling, amount of weight gained between dialysis treatments, whether the patient has an underlying heart failure, the level of daily salt intake

For example, if your kidney function is very limited, your physician will recommend 1,200 mL per day, which is the equivalent to 40 oz. or 5 cups. If your kidneys are functioning better, you may be permitted to drink 2,000 mL, which equals 67 oz. or 8 1/3 cups.

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