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High Sodium Diets are Harmful for Kidney Disease Patients

2013-12-13 17:45

High sodium diet are harmful for kidney patients’ healthWe all know that high sodium diets are harmful for kidney disease patients, but do you know why high sodium diets are harmful and what diseases can be caused by high sodium diet? In this article we will introduce some common diseases that can be caused by high sodium diet.

Some common disease that may caused by high sodium diet.

High blood pressure

High sodium diet is a risk factor of high blood pressure which is recognised by international. Too much sodium in blood will cause water-sodium retention which will cause the increased blood volume, and the blood pressure will be elevated. Meanwhile, it also can cause the swelling of vascular smooth muscle cells, which will cause the vascular lumen narrowed and elevate the blood pressure. For kidney disease patients, they often have the symptoms of high blood pressure and swelling, so they need to limit their sodium intake, and prevent the high-sodium foods, which will be better for their illness.

Rarefaction of bone

If people take too much salt or high-sodium foods, in the reabsorption of kidney tubules, the calcium in blood will be leaked out. Besides, the sodium will increase the secretion of parathyrin, which will activate the adenylate cyclase in Broken bone cell membranes. And it will break the balance of sclerotin metabolism, which will also cause rarefaction of bone.

Upper respiratory infection (URI)

High-sodium diet will restrain the breed of intestine epithelial cells, which will cause the loss of disease resistance. It can also reduce the secretion of mouth saliva and lysozyme, and it will be better for the breed of virus and germs. Then it will cause upper respiratory infection.

Above are the common bad effects of high-sodium diet. And these diseases are harmful for kidney disease patients. As the kidney disease can be easily caused by upper respiratory infection and may have the complication of rarefaction of bone. Therefore, patients with kidney disease should avoid high-potassium diet, which will increase the progression of kidney failure.

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