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Safe Ways for CKD Patients to Eat Some Potatoes

2013-12-15 11:49

Safe Ways for CKD Patients to Eat Some PotatoesSafe ways for CKD patients to eat with potatoes.As we know, potatoes are popular all over the world with their abundant nutrition, and many people prefer to potatoes cooking in many ways. However, potatoes are not suitable for everybody, because they are chiefly made of starch which is rich in potassium. For most of the CKD patients, they are not recommended to eat potatoes.

Why CKD patients are not allowed to eat potatoes?

As we know, potatoes are rich in potassium, and the potassium in body is mainly excreted with urine through kidneys. With the healthy and normal kidney function, the excessive potassium can be excreted. However, for CKD patients, their damaged kidney function cannot excrete the excess potassium. When the potassium are remained in blood, the potassium level will be higher than normal level, which will cause hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia can cause some symptoms such as nausea, weakness, numbness or tingling, slow pulse, irregular heartbeat, heart failure and even sudden death. So kidney disease patients should firmly control their potassium level and limit the foods that are rich in potassium.

What are the safe ways for CKD patients to eat some potatoes?

The high potassium foods are not forbidden for all the kidney disease patients, it is depending on the illness condition. For kidney disease patients, if they are recommended to avoid high potassium foods by their doctors, they should do their best to avoid it. If they really want to take potatoes, there are also some safe ways which can lower the potassium in potatoes.

When we cook potatoes, we can cut the potatoes in small and thin pieces, and then sock the potatoes slices into hot water and boil for 10 minutes at least.

There are also some canned potatoes which are low in potassium than fresh potatoes, because they are often leached during the process. However, canned foods are always high in sodium. For kidney patients who have high blood pressure and swelling, they should avoid.

Fried potatoes should also avoided as it contains too much fat which is harmful for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

However, through slicing and leaching, the potassium in potatoes is much reduced, patients with CKD should also take it in proper amount.

Above are the safe ways for CKD patients to eat some potatoes. CKD patients should firmly limit the high potassium foods depending on their illness condition. All these will be helpful for their kidney disease.

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