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What Can Kidney Disease Patients Benefit From Oliver Oil

2013-12-17 10:25

What Can Kidney Disease Patients Benefit From Oliver OilAs we all know, oliver oil is a great source of monounsaturated fatty acid and vitamin A,vitamin B,vitamin D, vitamin E as well as antioxidant. Oliver oil has been regarded as the most suitable oil for human body’s nutrition. Therefore, what can kidney disease patients benefit from oliver oil?

1. Oliver oil can promote blood circulation so as to prevent the formation of thrombosis.

Kidney disease patients usually have high blood pressure. In this case, patients with kidney disease eat a teaspoon of oliver oil before sleep can prevent the formation of thrombosis caused by high blood pressure. This is because the w-3 fatty acid can accumulate the amount of nitric oxide which can loose their artery. What’s more, w-3 fatty acid can prevent the formation of blood clot from two aspects. On one hand, w-3 fatty acid can decrease the viscosity of blood platelet, which will not have the blood platelet and fibrinogen combine together; on the other hand, w-3 fatty acid can also lower fibrinogen amount and at the same time it lowers the chance of forming thrombosis.

2. Oliver oil is good for improving the function of digestive system.

The function of digestive system of kidney disease patients is poor due to their decreased kidney function. Thus, eating suitable amount of oliver oil is good for kidney disease patients, which is because oliver oil has abundant monounsaturated fatty acid, vitamin A,D, E, F,K and renieratene as well as antioxidant. The most important is that there is no cholesterol in oliver oil. Therefore kidney disease patients with poor function of digestive system can eat adequate oliver oil to improve their function of digestive system.

3. Oliver oil is also helpful to skeletal system.

When kidneys are in healthy state, they can keep the balance of electrolytes such as calcium and phosphorus. While when your kidneys have something wrong, they lose the ability of keeping the balance of calcium and phosphorus. Under this circumstance, patients usually have osteporosis. Therefore, kidney disease patients can eat appropriate oliver oil, because natural antioxidant and w-3 fatty acid in oliver oil contributes to the absorption of mineral substance such as calcium, phosphorus and zinc which can promote the growth of bone. What’s more, w-3 fatty acid is useful for keeping bone mineral density and lower the chance of bone osteoporosis because of free radical.

From the above, we can see olive oil has many benefits to kidney disease patients. Though, oliver oil is good for kidney disease patients, it does not mean patients can eat oliver oil too much. Too mush or too little both can not reach the best result. In this case, kidney disease patients should eat adequate oliver oil depending on their own illness conditions or they can consult our online doctors to get the appropriate amount of oliver oil.

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