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Is Asparagus Helpful in Improving the Kidney Function

2014-01-15 02:56

Is Asparagus Helpful in Improving the Kidney FunctionIs Asparagus helpful in improving the kidney function? Asparagus is a common vegetables for people in their daily life, which has los of nutrition in it. The nutrition include a good source of dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and several minerals. All these will be be helpful in improving the kidney function.

Here are some common benefits for kidney disease patients to eat asparagus.

1. A natural diuretic

As we know, for kidney disease patients, they often have the symptoms of swelling and high blood pressure because of their kidney damage. Asparagus is often regarded as a natural diuretic, which can help remit the swelling and lower the high blood pressure.

2. Sooth the entire urinary system

Asparagus has the function of soothing the entire urinary system, which will help prevent the infections in urinary system. Because the infections on urinary system will cause the further kidney damage.

3. Clean the bladder and kidneys

When the kidneys are damaged, the kidney function will fail to work, then the wastes and toxins will build up in blood, which will cause kidney disease patients suffer from some other serious symptoms. The asparagus will help clean the bladder and kidneys.

4. Increase cellular action in kidneys

The kidney disease refers to the damage of the cells and tissues in kidneys, asparagus can help increase the cellular action in kidneys, which will help improve the kidney function.

5. Help to break up the uric acid in kidneys

For kidney disease patients, the kidney damage will cause high uric acid level, which is bad for patients, and cause some serious symptoms for patients. The asparagus will help kidney disease patients to break down their uric acid level.

Above are the benefits for kidney disease patients to eat asparagus, but the illness condition will be different from case to case, so they should first ask the advice of their doctors. A kidney-friendly diet will be helpful for patients’ illness condition, and help them improve their kidney function.

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