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Is Mango Good for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

2014-01-18 01:33

Is Mango Good for Chronic Kidney Disease PatientsMango is a popular fruit among people, with its good reputation the king of tropical fruit. Mango is loved by many people, even for chronic kidney disease patients. However, is mango good for chronic kidney failure patients? This is a common question for CKD patients, as they need to restrict their daily diet.

Here are some benefits for kidney failure patients to eat mango.

1. Improve the immunity

For kidney failure patients, their kidneys are damaged with their kidney function gradually reduced, the CKD patients will become weaker and weaker. With their poor immunity, they will suffer from some serious symptoms, mango will help them to improve their immunity. As mango contains rich carotene and vitamin C, the two nutritions can help regulate the immune system and improve the immunity. Besides, vitamin C can also help patients to protect their residual kidney function.

2. A natural diuretic

Mango is also a natural diuretic, which can be helpful for CKD patients who still have urination. Mango can help increase the urine output, and help remove more wastes from body.

3. Lower high blood pressure

Mango contains nucleus, which can be used as a medicine to help lower high blood pressure. Meanwhile, nucleus can also help remove the wastes from the body.

There are the common benefits for chronic kidney disease patients, but it doesn’t mean all the CKD patients can eat mango.

There are also some CKD patients who cant eat mango.

- As mango contains 14%-16% sugar, so CKD patients who has diabetes cant eat mango, because it will increase the blood sugar, and make further damage to kidneys.

- Mango is also rich in potassium, so for CKD patients who have high potassium level cant eat mango. Because the high potassium level will cause patients experience some serious symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, heart problems or even death.

- Mango is also high in plant protein, which will be bad for CKD patients who have large amount of proteinuria, because too much protein intake will cause further damage to kidneys.

- For some patients who are easy to get allergic, they still need to avoid mango, because mange can cause allergic. For some patients who have purpura nephritis, they need to firmly avoid mango, because mango will cause allergic and cause further kidney damage.

From above we can know, although mango has benefits for CKD patients, but it doesn’t mean all the kidney patients can eat mango, because some patients eat mango may also cause kidney damage. Therefore, for chronic kidney disease patients, they need to eat mango depending on their illness condition, so it is better for them to ask the advice of their doctors before they eat something.

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