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Best Diet for Low Hemoglobin Level in CKD

2014-01-27 05:45

Best Diet for Low Hemoglobin Level in CKDWhat is the best diet for low hemoglobin level in CKD? Hemoglobin is a special iron-rich protein for people, and it is the part of the blood which can transport life-sustaining oxygen to the cells and transport the waste carbon dioxide away from cells. In this condition, if people have low hemoglobin level, they may suffer from some illnesses.

For CKD patients, because of their kidney damage, the blood circulation and kidney function will be reduced, and people will easily get low hemoglobin level. Here we will recommend the best diet for low hemoglobin level in CKD.

For low hemoglobin level patients, they need to insure their daily diet contain enough iron, and it is often recommended 8mgs of iron for women each day and 10mgs for men.

- Iron-rich foods

CKD patients can take some iron-rich foods, such as meat, beef, liver and shrimp. Besides, there are also some other foods that can be eaten by vegetarian, such as spinach, tofu, asparagus, pineapple, dried fruits and iron-enriched breads and grains.

- Vitamin C-rich foods

Vitamin C can help absorb the iron, and it can also improve the immunity for CKD patients. They can eat more fruits and vegetables which contain numerous vitamin C. The high vitamin C fruits and vegetables include pepper, mango, orange, strawberry, cabbage, broccoli, grapefruit, tangerines, tomato and spinach.

- Folic acid-rich foods

Folic acid is an important substance in producing red blood cells, which can be found in sprout, seed, peanut, broccoli,wheat germ and other nuts.

- Whole grains

There are many form of breads, cereals and pastas are rich in iron which are whole grains, these foods can help you supply a good source of iron and increase your hemoglobin level.

Above are the foods which can help CKD patients improve their hemoglobin level, however, as CKD patients should restrict their daily diet, so they need to choose the suitable foods mentioned above depending on their illness condition. For CKD patients with lower hemoglobin level, they can ask the advices of their doctors to make a well-planed diet.

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