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Is Custard Apple Good for Kidney Disease Patients

2014-02-13 03:47

Is Custard Apples are Good for Kidney Disease PatientsIs custard apple good for kidney disease patients? Custard apple is a tropical fruit, which is mainly grown in tropical world. Its shape is heart shaped and its tastes is delicious, so it is popular for people all over the world. Besides, it is popular also because of its high nutritional value. However, for kidney disease patients, they need to take care of what they eat, and custard apples are good for kidney disease patients, but not suitable for all the kidney disease patients.

Custard apples are rich in nutritional value and has lots of benefits for people. Custard apples are high in water and low in fat content. In addition, they are also rich in vitamin C, Magnesium, Copper, vitamin A and B6, dietary fiber and potassium. After we get the nutritions in custard apples, we can know some benefits of eating custard apples for kidney disease patients.

Vitamin C in custard apples can help patients to prevent infections and strengthen the immunity system. In this aspect, they can help kidney disease patients to prevent the further damage to kidneys caused by infections.

The copper in custard apples are also helpful in the making of hemoglobin, which can help treat anemia (a common complication for kidney disease patients). Besides, custard apples can also help stimulate the production of red blood cells, which is also useful in treating anemia.

As custard apples contain large amount of dietary fiber, so they can also improve the digestion for kidney disease patients. For kidney disease patients, they often have the symptoms of loss of appetite and digestive system problems, so eating custard apples can help them improve their appetite.

The potassium in custard apples can also help patients to keep a healthy functioning heart, nerve impulses and muscle constraction. Potassium can also help prevent the kidney stone formation and regulate the blood pressure. However, for kidney disease patients who have high potassium level, they need to avoid eating custard apples, which will be harmful for their illness condition.

Therefore, kidney disease patients should eat custard apples depending their illness condition, although custard apples have so many benefits for them, they should also ask the advices of their doctors before they eating it.

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