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Serum Creatinine And Swelling Appear After Dialysis: What Should I Do

2017-03-15 09:49

Recently, one of our website reader whose name is Bob left a message to us about dialysis. He consulted that he is a three years chronic kidney disease and since two months ago he began to dialysis once a week with the purpose of helping kidney function filtrate blood and exclude small element toxins through everyday urine. However, he found serum creatinine went up and swelling in his left leg after dialysis. Bob is so worried about his health that he is seeking for our help. Consider about, not only he, but also a great number of people are suffering from the same condition. As a qualified doctor working in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the following articles, i will give you some professional suggestions that work for alleviate your illness condition.

As a matter of fact, our kidney as a part of body undertakes a crucial task in which ensures everyday urine so as to exclude toxins as well as filtrates about 30-40 percent blood purification. And once it get damaged due to some external attacks, kidney is unable to maintain its work as usual, a part of renal function is injured, causing a series of immune reactions which may lead to some harmful and poisonous substances exist in blood or renal inherent cells. Serum creatinine goes up and swelling appear all because of accumulated toxins. Therefore, remove those wastes and toxins is the first thing you should do.

How to remove toxins out of body system?

Usually, we recommend patients adopting Toxin-Removing Therapy to remove toxins, on account of its less side effects. It combines the thought of traditional Chinese medicine with clinical technology welled operated in excluding toxins. During the process, Foot bath and Hot Compress Therapy play an assistant role in helping extend blood vessel, anti-freezing. Then achieving the aim of remove toxins so as to offer a healthy environment.

As we all know, dialysis is not a radical treatment helping repair kidney. Once you start to dialysis, it will company with you in the rest of life. Thus, it is imperative for you to find an effective way.

If you are the one with CKD and are seeking for help, why not send an email with your current report or find an online doctor.


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