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Creatinine 8.4 And Urea In Blood Is 5.6: How to Reduce For CKD Patient

2017-03-15 10:50

Hi, i am a three years chronic kidney patient with high creatinine level and urea in blood. Last week, i had a physical check and the report revealed my creatinine developed into 8.4 and urea in blood is 5.6. In other word, these indexes are not controlled well although i have taken so much medicines which include hormone and antibiotic. Therefore, i wonder to know how to reduce these symptoms for one with chronic kidney disease. Given all these factors, in the following contents, the author will give you some effective suggestions.

In fact, the reason why chronic kidney disease patients appear high creatinine as well as urea in blood is that there are a amount of toxins and wastes accumulated in blood due to injured kidney and disordered immune system. Thus as long as we eliminate these toxins and metabolic wastes, can we reduce high creatinine level and urea in blood.

How to eliminate toxins?

The renal doctor working in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests patients selecting Toxin-Removing Therapy to clean these wastes and toxins. It origins from traditional Chinese medicine’ theory and welled combines clinical technology. From this way, curative effect is improved without any side effects. During the treatment process, Hot Compress Therapy and medicated Bath play a assistant role in extending blood vessel as well as promoting blood circulation.

It offers a healthy internal environment for the further treatment more effectively. Though toxins are removed and creatinine level reduced from this way, renal function still at a weakness condition.

Then Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is used to improve renal function. During the treating process, renal experts will put a bag filled with Chinese medicines on your low back area for 40-50 minutes. Because each area aims at one acupoint and each acupoint relates to one organ. The area we placed is aiming at kidney and it together with blood circulation enters into body system, then repairing damaged kidney. From this way, can renal function get well repaired.

If you still have puzzle about how to reduce high creatinine and urea in blood or want to know more effective methods conducing to repair kidney, why not send us an email with your recent report, or find an online doctor.


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