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When Kidneys Performing only 9%, How to Improve Kidney Function

2017-08-26 11:22

When Kidneys Performing only 9%, How to Improve Kidney FunctionSince the kidney is the primary organ to purify the blood, obliterate excessive water, toxins and metabolites, maintain the stabilization of internal environment, once the kidneys only performing only 9%, lots to unwanted things will be retained in the body as well as many illnesses come out on the patients. Then, the patients are eager to know how to improve kidney function.

In most countries, the patients with 9% kidney function will rebuild the renal function by kidney transplant. However, some patients will wait for years as it is very hard to find out the matching and healthy kidney from the donor to replace the damaged one. Besides, the kidney transplanted patients must take the immunosuppressive agent in the rest of their life. While, is there any other way to recover the kidney function?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is able to enhance the kidney function by repairing the damaged but not necrotic cells and tissues of the kidney safely. The external application treatment make use of the tremendous herbs from nature. After the specific herbs are picked up based on the patients’ illness conditions, these herbs will be refined into powder and later collected into two medical bags. During the treatments, the active materials of the two medical bags which are placed at the patients’ Shenshu area will enter the body and reach at the kidney area to expand the blood vessels, wipe off extravasated blood and quicken the blood circulation by a treatment machine. So, the kidney will be renewed safely and effectually.

Furthermore, since the poisonous depositions can not only injure the renal inherent cells and tissues, but also decrease the effects of the other treatments such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy is needed to offer a beneficial surrounding for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat the kidney well.

When the kidney is restored, the renal function will be improved, the body can exclude the unnecessary things by itself, the symptoms will be remitted and the patients can live a better life without doing dialysis or kidney transplant.

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