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What Can I Take to Build Up My Kidney Function

2017-08-30 15:06

What Can I Take to Build Up My KidneyWhat can I take to build up my kidney Function? My doctor said that my creatinine is 6. I do not know what that means. Can you explain it for me? I do not want to go on dialysis. Is there any other treatment to help me?”

On the average, the patients will take kidney transplant to reestablish the kidney function. However, kidney transplant have some deficiencies, hard to meet the suitable kidney and taking anti-rejection drugs after the operation, for an example. What is more important is that the patients usually go for dialysis cyclically so as to clean some toxins to help prolong life, which make the patients bear so much sufferings.

In clinic, creatinine 6 means the kidney is damaged badly. And, it is shows the patients are in the stage 4 kidney disease which is also called kidney failure. If the patients do not have any serious symptoms, they are not needed to initiate dialysis promptly. Worse still, if the patients can not get a therapy in time, dialysis will be required. To be honest, the patients with creatinine 6 will have large amounts of poisons left in the body, in which case, the patients will sustain proteinuria, weakness, hypertension and other discomforts. This is also one of the reasons why the patients are supposed to do dialysis with creatinine 6.

For the purpose of avoiding dialysis, the patients can receive Toxin-Removing Therapy, a series of natural treatments to sweep away all toxins and wastes completely. And thus, the creatinine level will be reduced and the symptoms will be remitted. Even so, simply by excluding the toxins can not cure the kidney disease thoroughly. Thereby, other treatments containing Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Steaming Therapy, Cycle Therapy, Medicated Bath can play a great role in recovering the kidney function with effects.

Only when the kidney is restored, can the patients live a relative normal life.

Do you have a high creatinine level? Do you want to build up the kidney function naturally? Are you eager to get an alternative treatment to dialysis? If so, please leave a message below or send your illness conditions to us. We will try our best to help you.


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