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Creatinine 3.37 Is There Any Other Thing We Can Do Aside From Dialysis

2018-04-17 14:37

Creatinine 3.37 Is There Any Other Thing We Can Do Aide From DialysisCreatinine 3.37 standing for the third stage of kidney problem usually means the kidneys are damaged more than half and that the patients are suffering from several light discomforts or none symptoms. But, it is more quickly for the patients to get into uremia and some patients will start dialysis early. While, is there any other thing we can do aside from dialysis when creatinine is 3.37?

At first, let’s make dialysis clear.

Dialysis is used as an artificial replacement of certain renal function to filter the blood through a machine. With long time dialysis, the patients will have no urine output as a sign of the very little renal function. At that time, the patients can not refuse a kidney transplantation. Additionally, the patients will experience weakness, muscle cramp, poor appetite and other side effects. As for kidney disease patients, dialysis will be considered when there are life-threatening factors or high creatinine level which are exceeded 8mg/dl (707umol/L).

And then, is there any cure for kidney disease?

To be honest, there is still no effective cure (yet) for chronic kidney disease, but the patients can make the kidney problem in the third stage life long with valid managements.

So, what should be done to maintain the illness condition well?

1. Good care. The patients need to strictly insist the renal diet, moderate exercise, good living habits, positive life attitude and so on. For the details, please chat with our Online Doctor.

2. Treatment. Here I suggest the patients to try a natural remedy named Toxin-Removing Therapy. It is created on the aim of cleaning up the blood and inner surrounding completely and recovering the renal function with less side effects. In China, it has been proven great effects on treating the kidney disease patients from all over the world.

Once the kidneys are restored, the creatinine 3.37 will be lowered, the discomforts will be vanished, and the patients can lead a relatively normal life.

For more information about the managements to kidney disease with creatinine 3.37, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.


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