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Why Does the Hematuria Often Occur For the PKD Patients

2018-06-20 11:59

To many PKD patients they often ignore the cysts when the size of cyst is small and no any other discomforts appear. But with the time goes by the cyst will grow up step by step. The local doctors often tell them no need to worry about that, for when the cyst grows up they can adopt the surgery to eliminate the cysts. When the PKD develops to the severe stage the patient’s kidney has been hurt severely and many discomforts will occur , hematuria is the common symptom to most patients.

The hematuria is divided into two forms, one is the visible hematuria, the other is the microscopic hematuria . And when the hematuria conditions deteriorate there maybe appear the endless bleeding in urine.

Why do the PKD patients appear the hematuria? In fact due to the different conditions of PKD patients, there maybe several reasons which caused the hematuria. The following I will explain this situation for all PKD patients. In the glomerular mesangial area there is filtration membrane for filtering the metabolic products from blood ,and at the same time reserving the nutrients for the body requirement. But when the cysts increase they will hurt the kidney structure and destroy the filtration membrane. When the filtration membrane of glomeruli is damaged the red blood cells can not be blocked in the blood and leak into the urine, that will lead to the hematuria, and that is also the reason of anemia for all kidney patients.

When the cysts grow up to great extent due to the increasing of cyst pressure the cysts are easy to be broken, and the broken cysts can also cause hemoturia, and then the patients will appear visible hematuria and are easy to get infection. In case of the severe hematuria the patients must accept the reasonable treatment otherwise the bleeding in urine will be endless and that can also threaten the patients’ health severely. In addition the kidney stones can also cause the hematuria through cutting the ureter ,that is another complication for the PKD patients.

What is the harmful result for the hematuria? To many PKD patients , if they don’t care about the hematuria and control the cysts well , that will lead to the severe damage to patients. With the blood leaking into urine, more red blood cells have been lost and that can lead to anemia ,and patients will often feel tired and weak, pale face with bad sleeping.

For the damage to the kidney caused by the large cysts patients must accept the reasonable treatment in time , so I suggest you consider alternative natural treatment except the surgery , the most importance for the natural treatment is no any side effect and damage to patients. After the natural treatment the cyst will not grow up again, but the surgery can not prevent the cyst relapse again. More and more PKD patients have benefited from the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you want to get rid of PKD thoroughly please consult our doctors through the following message:


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