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The Nephropathy Patient With High Or Low Fever Should Be Cared

2018-11-09 09:25

In general, when patients suffer from moderate to low fever, it is better not to take medicine. If they really can’t stand it, don’t take cold medicine with nephrotoxicity. Those drugs contain renal toxins, which are particularly detrimental to the stability of the patient’s condition. Anticoagulation can be selected from anticoagulants and antiplatelet aggregation drugs. Increase disease resistance, avoid cold exposure, and check the chances of infection. In case of various infections, strong antibiotics should be applied in time and infection should be controlled early.

In addition to taking medicine, nephrotic patients should also take some measures to actively self – nurse, which is also a good way to reduce fever and is very important to avoid the danger of aggravation of the disease. Patients with kidney disease should stay in bed when the symptoms are more obvious, and prevent physical labor as far as possible without obvious symptoms. Edema and hypertension should be treated with a low-salt diet. It is also particularly critical to actively prevent and treat infection. Removing the infected focus is the key measure to reduce fever. When blood pressure is high, antihypertensive treatment should be performed, and diuresis and detumescence are performed when edema occurs.

In addition, patients should pay attention to their diet, eat more light and digestible food, not pickled food, and use less gourmet powder. For patients with chronic Nephrotic syndrome, protein intake should be appropriately limited to 0.8 – 1.0g / kg per day. At the same time, pay attention to the supplement of trace elements such as copper, iron and zinc, and properly supplement vitamins and calcium during hormone application.

In normal times, if a patient with kidney disease has a fever, he or she should actively take scientific treatment to reduce the fever so as to stabilize the condition. At the same time, it is particularly critical to actively play the role of regulating kidney disease diet, which is very important for the smooth recovery of kidney disease patients.

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