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TCM Is Effective To Clean Immune Complex For Kidney Patients

2018-11-29 09:02

To many kidney patients they are often confused about the structure of kidney,then they don’t know why the kidney disease occur.The kidney, as a capillary mass, whose cell necrosis is no more than such a few reasons: Ischemia and anoxia, hyperplasia and necrosis, and hyperimmune inflammation. Are there any other reasons for these? Yes, after years of research, we found that the deposition of immune complexes is the culprit.

The deposition of immune complex will not only block microcirculation and cause renal cell ischemia and anoxia, but also lead to excessive immune inflammatory reaction due to the presence of antigen. At the same time, ischemia and hypoxia will increase the proliferation and necrosis of renal cells, thus causing more serious obstruction and forming a vicious circle.

Then we should know how chronic kidney disease should be treated.In fact, after reading the article above, you should know something for principle how to treat kidney disease already. The key point is to clean up immune complexes, improve ischemia and hypoxia, clean up proliferative and necrotic cells, and improve microcirculation. Its fundamental purpose is to: Prevent kidney cells from continuing to necrosate.

What about those kidney cells that have already died? Of course there is no resurrection. We can only clean it up without causing damage.

That this purpose is actually known by many hospitals. But why can’t they do it?For the most hospitals only adopt the western medicine therapy ,the medicines can not clean the immune complex completely .

How to clean up the immune complex? Traditional Chinese medicine has a lot of methods, because clearing blood stasis and toxic substances and promoting blood circulation are the merit of traditional Chinese medicine, but the specific use of drugs Confused to many hospitals, and even some hospitals have copied prescriptions everywhere, which is also the root cause of the embarrassing treatment situation of traditional Chinese medicine. What about western medicine? Dialysis, but when the illness is not serious, it is not suitable for dialysis at all. What should I do? First control it with other drugs, and when serious conditions comes, dialysis will start. So the patient would have to wait and wait until the condition deteriorates to the end stage to accept the kidney transplantation or lose their lives.

Then as a kidney doctor I think the patients can think it over to accept the traditional Chinese medicine therapy to save their kidney function,and if you are interested in TCM and want to know more about that please contact us through the following message:


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