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What is the Creatinine Level for Dialysis in Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-09-03 03:38

What is the Creatinine Level for Dialysis in Chronic Kidney DiseaseUsually, after the creatinine level up to 8.0, doctors will recommend patient to undergo dialysis. But as it is not the only indicator of kidney disease, so the condition is not all the same. When you decide whether it is need dialysis, you also should take into account the GFR level. If you want to know more details directly, you can chat with our online doctor.

As we all know creatinine level as one of the indicator of kidney function plays an important role in diagnosis the disease, but there are many factors(take too much protein in a short time, cold, infection and so on) may affect the levels of it. What’s more, our kidneys have strong compensatory function, so only after the kidney function down to 50% the creatinine level will begin to rise. So in order to make more accurate diagnosis, we should put other factors into consideration, such as GFR the full name is Glomerular Filtration Rate, it can reflect the kidney function directly. In clinic, after the GFR down to 15%, dialysis is needed, even the creatinine level is lower than 8.0.

From the above we know that, creainine level is not the only factors which can decide if patient should take dialysis or not, but it do plays an important role in making the decision. So pay attention to it, once it rises to high level, more than 1.3, you should go to hospital and make further dialysis immediately. If you need to any help in making diagnosis, you can leave messages to us.

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