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Can Kidney Stone Cause High Serum Creatinine Level

2014-09-03 03:46

Can Kidney Stone Cause High Serum Creatinine LevelCreatinine is a kind of waste produced by muscle,under normal condition, it will go through kidney and go out with urine. But after the kidney damaged, it can not be excreted out in time and accumulate in the body form into high creatinine level. Usually, kidney stone is no direct relation with it. But if the stone is big enough to hurt the renal or induce hydronephrosis, then the creatinine level will increases.

In our hospital,about the pain problems caused by kidney stone,we usually have anisodamine to relieving spasm. The kidney stone can be shrunk with natural Chinese medicines without surgery.With the help of Chinese medicines,the kidney stone can be removed out of the body naturally.

If creatinine level is above normal range,there are two conditions. One is the kidney stone is big enough to hurt the kidney function. The other is the kidney has been damaged by some other disease factor.So, in order to make further diagnosis, people should to do ultrasound,urine test and blood test. You know,Kidney disease is a silent killer.If you ignore it,it may bring dialysis or kidney transplant in the end.

Beside, you need to pay attention to infection induced by kidney stone, it may make the disease more complex and make further damage to your kidney.

Now you know that kidney stone may cause high serum creatinine level and hurt our kidney, so if you are suffering from it, you need to take actions immediately. If there are no swelling in your body, you can drink some water that can help to excrete the stones with small size.

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